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Oklahoma City Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - The Most Important Week of the Season

The Thunder are entering one of the most important weeks of the season. They have been pegged as a title team by many, but are still in danger of missing the playoffs entirely. Time to put up or shut up.

The Thunder are coming of another bad loss against the Houston Rockets... But hey Brook Lopez to the rescue! Maybe.... Things are still so weird..

Today we discuss how the Thunder will do going forward. Are they going to get swept by the Warriors this season? They have their 4th and final crack at them tonight in OKC. Hopefully the results will be better than what we have seen so far. We also answer all your questions including what we think about the in game entertainment, Mike Conley, playing Andre Roberson in the playoffs, our NBA Academy Awards, Brooks potentially being fired, and our most emo Thunder moment. All this and more on today's podcast.

We also have our Top 5 Power Rankings, Say What Stat of the Week, Miffed and Peeved, and our Trade Calls. Today on trade calls David Griffin takes calls for Kevin Love. Disclaimer: I think there is a zero percent chance they trade him, this is just for fun. Thanks as always for listening!