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Oklahoma City Thunder Podcast: Are the Thunder Trading Reggie Jackson?

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Andrew Schlecht of the Down to Dunk Podcast hosts another podcast called the Home Court Vantage Podcast for Vantage Sports. Today he hosts CBA guru Jon Hamm talking Reggie Jackson and the state of the Thunder.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Hamm, writer for Daily Thunder and and also CBA expert, joined the Home Court Vantage podcast today to discuss the state of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Reggie Jackson seems to be a distraction to the team. His post game interviews border on disturbing. His role was reduced in the last game because of the recently acquired Dion Waiters. This is something on which to keep a close eye going forward. It may be just too small of a sample size to make a judgement, or a matchup issue, but it seems to be more than that. We discuss what kind of trade makes sense for the Thunder at this point and if they should even deal him at all.

Jon and I also discuss the Thunder's offense. What is the problem? Where do they rank amongst the rest of the league? We discuss their problems and possible solution to those problems.

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