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Video: Stale offense destroys Thunder at Mavericks

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We break down the last 6 minutes of the fourth quarter, and things aren't looking good for Russell Westbrook....

All talk and no play makes Russ a losing point guard.
All talk and no play makes Russ a losing point guard.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Re-watching the final minutes of that Thunder-Mavericks game has to be an exercise in madness. It wasn't like the Mavs had a star that the Thunder couldn't stop, or like they were rolling out some revolutionary strategy that the Thunder couldn't match. The Thunder just got out-thought, out-hustled, and out-scored.

At the center of it all is Russell Westbrook, whose decision-making and attitude at the end of games is really having a bad effect of the team. Meanwhile, Westbrook will seemingly feud with Jackson over possessions while the red hot Ibaka sits uselessly in a corner.

But enough words, let's get to the pictures. Here's a complete breakdown of the disaster, for everyone to see....

(And yes I know that KD being back changes things. But videos take a long time to make and my internet didn't want me to have this uploaded before the Suns game, so here it is.)

Who's to blame, what would you have done differently? Drop a comment and let us know!