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Down to Dunk Podcast: Thunder media thoughts and reactions

The guys from The Down to Dunk Podcast spent their day at the Thunder's media day and learned some important lessons.

Hey world, the Down to Dunk Podcast guys here.  We spent our Monday down at the Thunder's media day, and we learned a lot.  Each Thunder player had their time to shine in front of the media and was asked some hard hitting questions.  Andrew and Luke were able to talk about some of their favorite moments in this week's podcast. (Note: some of the interviews are a little difficult to hear... and you will also hear Andrew furiously tweet typing)

It seemed to be a typical Thunder media day: Kevin was cordial, but did not enjoy the chips:

Russell Westbrook was testy with the media and would not make any eye contact whatsoever:

Serge Ibaka was very happy and friendly, but apparently not so friendly with rookie Mitch McGary:

Reggie talked a lot about his contract, which I think deserves a post of its own for later... Obviously Steven Adams was just the best. Instead of posting a tweet here is a link to his entire transcribed interview: HILARIOUS STUFF HERE

Most everyone else towed the company line talking about how blessed they were and they were ready to work hard.

The Thunder also took photos to be used in promotional material for the upcoming year.  You can tell what kind of year each play wants to have by the choice they made in these photos.  For instance,

Morrow wants to introduce himself to the Thunder and OKC's family, and Roberson wants to introduce himself into the starting 5.  What better way to do this than the classic, Hold the Basketball and Reach Out to Shake the Basketball's Hand.  This pose demonstrates a thoughtful and respectful gentlemanly attitude.



Others wanted to show skills that they had been working on:

What better way to show that a point guard will be willing to move the ball around more, than actually having the point guard throw the ball back and forth WHILE taking a picture.  Clearly Reggie Jackson and Westbrook see eye to eye in this regard.



Mitch McGary was just happy to be there:

Some players chose to completely troll media day:


Steven Adams continued his assault on media day with photographs where it appears he is moments away from attacking the photographer.


Whatever pose the Thunder players chose, none could compete with the master, Scott Brooks awkwardly spinning a basketball on his finger.


The only player who came close was Training Camp invitee Talib Zanna, where he was photographed holding a basketball for what appears the first time.


All in all, the DTD Podcast team enjoyed their time at media day, and they even recorded a podcast about it! Listen to it already!