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Watch Kevin Durant Get Fit for Oklahoma City

Kevin Durant is helping out with Oklahoma City's "Get Fit Challenge"

Oklahoma City is currently hosting a "Get Fit Challenge," an initiative created by OKC governor Mary Fallin. Kevin Durant was on hand to promote physical fitness for children.

As reported from the Thunder's official site, Durant addressed the crowd:

"As a kid, the thing that I wanted to do the most was get out of the house, after I was done my homework of course. It was to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. That was the easiest thing for me to get fit and also to grow as a kid as well.

My mom didn't allow me to sit at home and play Xbox all day or look at the TV all day. She wanted me to be fit. She saw how enthused I was about going outside and getting into it. The best part about it is that you don't have to be an NBA player or want to be an NBA player in the future or be a PROFESSIONAL athlete to get fit. That's the most important thing.

To make it easier for you guys- have a group of friends, cut off the Xbox, cut off the TV and make it an adventure. That was the best thing I did as a kid. I made it an adventure. I came home sweaty. I came home with dirt on my jeans and I had to wash my clothes every single day because I wanted to go out there and enjoy myself."

Watch the Thunder's full report at the official NBA site.