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Watch Kevin Durant on Jimmy Fallon: KD admits he plays as LeBron James in NBA2K15

We know that Durant loves playing NBA2K15, but did you ever wonder which player he likes to be when he plays?

MVP Kevin Durant is featured on the cover of NBA2K15, and he stopped by the Jimmy Fallon show to riff on the game. Yes, Durant thinks he is really good. In fact he sets up summer-long tournaments with his friends and it gets competitive to the point where there have been broken controllers and permanent bannings.

However, the question now is whom does Durant play as in NBA2K15? Well Durant was honest when Jimmy Fallon asked him the following question. He doesn't play as himself in the game, but plays as....just watch.

As an aside, it is amazing to see Durant totally comfortable on talk shows now, rolling with the goofy Fallon with ease. He's come a long way as he has grown into who we see today.