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Watch: Mitch McGary is getting comfortable for the Oklahoma City Thunder

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Mitch McGary came into the NBA amidst some controversy. How is he adjusting?

Since the 2014 NBA Summer League ended, we haven't heard any news about Mitch McGary and what he have been up to so far in Oklahoma City, but now as the NBA hooked him up with an interview, we will be able to know a little more about him.

In the following video, McGary admits that he didn't get drafted in a high pick but in the end it doesn't matter to him as he got drafted to a great team and he loves playing the game.

He is a bit worried about his rookie year and he knows that it is going to be difficult on him. What worries him the most is the transition from a rookie player into a standard NBA player. He will now play for more than 100 games including the playoffs and the preseason with the Oklahoma City Thunder in which he describes that as a three plus seasons in College.

McGary also gave us some hints on how does he like his offensive style to be in the floor. Obviously he likes playing at the rim, but he also likes hitting jumpers. He likes to set screens and finish that kind of plays. Also, he can't wait to set a screen-plays with Kevin Durant.

So far, Mitch McGary is still settling himself down in Oklahoma City, and since he got drafted, Kevin Durant and Nick Collision approached him by wishing him luck and congratulating him. He already started working out in Oklahoma and specifically with Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins, and Russell Westbrook. He's doing his best to set the right screen plays for Westbrook to get Durant open for him. He's honored to play with such players in which he describes them as ‘' Prestigious ‘' and he'll deliver his best abilities to meet the franchise expectations.