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Oklahoma City Blue unveil new logo

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The old Tulsa 66ers have moved to the Cox Convention Center, and unveiled their new logo today to season ticket members in an email.

Oklahoma City Blue

In case you haven't heard the story, the Thunder have wholly owned their D-League affiliate since they moved to Oklahoma City. The Thunder ran the Tulsa 66ers for 5 years, but decided to cut ties with Tulsa and literally move the team across the street from Chesapeake Energy Arena. The newly named Oklahoma City Blue have moved to the old Myriad (aka Cox Convention Center), and will start play this November. (Full Oklahoma City Blue schedule here.)

In order to celebrate this this occasion, the Thunder have released a brand new logo for the team. And it looks incredibly similar to the Thunder logo. Mostly, it reminds me of Google Chrome. Still, it's cool to see that yellow is still an official color in the Thunder/66ers colorset, and that they're so closely tying the two teams together. It's difficult to get people to care about D-League basketball, but the Thunder seem to be trying their hardest. This logo was released via an email exclusively to Thunder season ticket members shortly after lunchtime today. The Thunder also figure to send several prospects to the D-League this year, so there's bound to be some interest.

To be perfectly honest, though, I wish that the Thunder were a bit more novel in how they presented this D-League team. I understand having a unified organization, but what is a "blue", exactly? Why does it sound like the name of a middle school soccer team? How is a "blue" supposed to defeat fearsome opponents like red claws and mad ants? How will "blue" even be represented as a mascot? Why do the "blue" have colors other than blue featured so prominently in their logo? Questions like this abound, but the Thunder have always preferred being smugly smart, abstract, confusing as heck, and unoriginal all at once.

As long as we're winning, I guess I can dig it.

What do you think of the Blue's name and logo? Drop a comment and let us know!