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Kevin Durant talks about mentorship with Esquire Magazine

Kevin Durant opened up to Esquire about mentorship in the life of an MVP.

Ronald Martinez

We all have mentors. Even the MVP of the NBA.

Kevin Durant recently talked to Esquire magazine about his mentors growing up, his mentors now, and about being a mentor to younger guys. As always Durant, talks real passionately about these subjects, which you can watch at the Esquire Website.

Durant opens up about his godfather, who pushed Durant  to become great because of his own shortcomings.

My godfather was so talented and so good at the game of basketball, but when he was younger, he just didn't push himself the way he needed to, and he made sure that that wouldn't happen with me. So whether it was making me go extra laps around the court, or making me walk home instead of catching the bus—he did such a great job with just not letting me fall. (via Esquire)

Of course, Durant gives a shoutout to his mother Wanda, about how she is always there for him and keeps it real with him.

The most interesting tidbit from this piece was the fact that Durant sees Karl Malone as a mentor.

I’ve gotten close with Karl Malone, who's called me numerous times when he can see on TV that I'm struggling, feeling bad after a loss. He can tell. (Via Esquire)

I am really not too sure how I feel about this. Malone ended his career with a reputation of never winning the big games or being clutch. He retired as a great player, but with no rings. Is that the guy the Thunder need Durant talking to as he chases his first ring? Where's Robert Horrry or Bill Russell for Durant to talk to?!

To no surprise, Durant said he is open to giving advice to younger players, especially high school players are entering into a similar life that he did (*Thinking* How cool would it be to have Kevin Durant be your mentor at age 17?).