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Oklahoma City Thunder NBA2k15 player ratings released

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The ratings for NBA2k15 have been leaked for some teams, including the Thunder. You know what that means: It's almost basketball season!

Tom Pennington

Basketball is almost back. You know what that means?

It means NBA2k15 ratings are unofficially out and we can talk about that until there is actual basketball to be watched.

An Operation Sports forum released the ratings of the Thunder, Cavaliers, and Mavericks Thursday.

Below are the ratings for the Thunder (prior ratings in parenthesis):

Oklahoma City Thunder
95 - Kevin Durant (0)
88 - Russell Westbrook (-2)
84 - Serge Ibaka (0)
79 - Reggie Jackson (+9)
74 - Nick Collison (+10)
74 - Kendrick Perkins (+4)
74 - Steven Adams (+10)
73 - Anthony Morrow (+8)
73 - Jeremy Lamb (+2)
69 - Perry Jones (0)
68 - Mitch McGary (Rookie)
65 - Hasheem Thabeet (+8) - Has since been traded & cut to FAs
65 - Josh Huestis (Rookie) - Currently assigned to D-League team.
X - Andre Roberson (N/A) - Not on active 13, was 58 last year so at least +9.
X - Sebastian Telfair (N/A) - Probably in FA pool. Was 68 last year.
X - Grant Jerrett (N/A) - Probably missing from roster.

I would love to hear your guys complaints in the comment section. I'll give you mine now.

Kevin Durant a 95? Maybe like four years ago. LeBron James is 98. I f you don't want to make Durant higher or the same as James, that us completely understandable, but KD is at least a 97.

Ok, Russell Westbrook and Dirk Nowitzki are both 88 overall. Nowitzki is amazing and I don't think there is a single human on earth who doesn't drool over Dirk's one-legged jumper, but he is 36 and there is no way in hell he's on the same level as the 25-year-old Westbrook.

For some reason, they still have Hasheem Thabeet on the Thunder (wish he still was) and he is a 65 overall. Brendan Haywood is also a 65 overall on the Cavaliers. I am not saying I would pay $100 to see them play one-on-one because I am saying I would pay at least double that to see the two go head-to-head.

(Sorry I had to do that.)

Not many other complaints from me. If Ibaka's defense isn't at least a 94 then I will be back, but until then, let's keep counting down the days till the season opener. (43 days people!)