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[VIDEO] Serge Ibaka Flies Over Egypt

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Witness Serge Ibaka harness a power that not even pharaohs could dream of having....

He's pretty next level.
He's pretty next level.

Serge Ibaka didn't get to play in the first day of FIBA Basketball World Cup action. He missed Spain's opener against Iran due to a sore hamstring. We don't know how severe the injury was, but his absence may have been purely precautionary, as Spain cruised to victory that night.

Anyway, Serge Ibaka finally got some legitimate action yesterday, when Spain faced off against Egypt. Egypt is basically the 16 seed of this tournament, barely qualifying through a miracle run in FIBA's weakest region. So this game was a chance for Serge Ibaka to re-create the high school mixtape we never got to see. And the results are glorious.

The Egyptian players definitely make a few glaring defensive errors in the video, but it's amplified by the fact that none of them are nearly as athletic as he is. He's just on another level. My favorite part is his last shot, because if you look closely, you can see him holding his shooting form well after the ball has been released. Remind you of anybody?