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The Rookie Survey - who stands out?

Here are some fun tidbits related to the Thunder and the league as a whole from the rookie survey from this past weekend.

Mike Stobe

Over the weekend, 38 rookies were asked to answer eight questions about the other incoming rookies as part of the yearly survey. They answered questions that ranged from who would have the best career from their rookie class to who is the funniest.

There were some surprises and a few Thunder players made the reigns. Here is a complete breakdown of the survey.

Thunder-worthy news

The first thing that jumped out onto the page for me was that Mitch McGary was considered the second most over-looked rookie coming in (received 8.3 percent of votes). McGary fell in the draft because of back concerns and being out for most of last season, but he was considered a lottery pick by most after the 2013 NCAA tournament. The players who faced or saw McGary in that stretch know how good he can be when healthy.

One rookie thinks McGary is set to open some eyes, having missed most of last season due to injury. "He's going to be a really good role player for [the Thunder]," the unnamed rook said. "He's going to bust his tail and earn himself a spot."

McGary was also voted as the sixth funniest rookie. Always nice to have a rookie to lighten up the locker room.

Josh Huestis received some votes for potentially being the best defender of the class. While we won't see Huestis for a few years, the three-time All-Pac 12 could blossom into a very good defender in the NBA.

Kevin Durant was voted as their favorite player in the league. Twenty-five percent of the players said KD was their favorite player. After winning the MVP last year, he is the "it" guy right now. I also think the famous MVP speech made a lot of people fans.

League-worthy news

The rookies must think Jabari Parker is really good. He received the most votes to win rookie of the year and to have the best career of anyone. Parker received 45.9 percent of the votes to have the best career while number two pick Andrew Wiggns only got 4.9. Interesting.

Joel Embiid was voted as the funniest rookie. No surprise. It's honestly surprising he didn't get 100 percent of the vote. If you are unaware, just hit the follow button and enjoy the ride.

Lamar Odom received votes as a rookie's favorite player. They must be a huge fan of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Rookies said the biggest adjustment for them in the NBA would be the speed of the game. Size and strength of opponents, lifestyle, traveling, and length of season were some of the other rookie concerns.