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ESPN Summer Forecast Predicts Who Will Win the West

ESPN has been releasing summer predictions over the last couple weeks and today they picked the 2014-15 Western Conference Champion.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest addition of ESPN's ongoing Summer Forecast, the panel of writers and bloggers voted the San Antonio Spurs to repeat as Western Conference champions in 2014-15.

The Spurs received 232 votes while the Thunder followed behind them getting 159 votes. ESPN only revealed the top-three teams. The Clippers came in third with 89 votes.

It is hard to argue with the voting. The Spurs have been the Western Conference champions the last two years and won the NBA title last year. Every year we say, "Well they are one year older," but the way they dominated the Miami Heat in the finals last season indicates they are not slowing down anytime soon.

However, there's no reason the Thunder can't come out of the West this season. Injuries have rattled their chances the last couple seasons. If they can stay relatively healthy, that's a big if, then the Thunder will have a legit shot to overtake the almighty Spurs and play in the 2015 finals.

I am not surprised the Clippers finished third. They were the consensus third best team in the conference all throughout last year and with not much change at the top of the conference, they probably will be again.

All three of these teams are legit NBA title contenders and while the Spurs may be the favorite for the summer forecast, there's a reason it is a forecast. Anything can happen.