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Under Armour reportedly offers Kevin Durant $265-$285 million

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Under Armour's latest offer could make Durant jump ship at Nike and become the face of the company.

Tom Pennington

The offseason of Kevin Durant rumors and speculation continues. Under Armour has reportedly put an offer on the table to Durant worth between $265 and $285 million over the next 10 years, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

Under Armour is going all out in their pursuit of the league's reigning MVP as they have included Under Armour stock and other amenities, such as a community center built in his mother's name, within the deal.

Nike has the right to match Under Armour's offer to try and keep Durant, but that seems increasingly unlikely. Nike's last offer was around $20 million annually. Nike is not pursuing Durant as hard because they already control most of the basketball market and have two of the world's most marketable athletes in LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Theoretically, they don't need Durant.

However, Under Armour could use a guy like Durant to spark more interest into their basketball line of products. With their latest offer, Under Armour would be putting 10 percent of their entire current annual marketing budget towards Durant, according to Rovell.

Basketball shoes only make up around one percent of Under Armour's $3 billion revenue, meaning the company has to guarantee the money up front, Rovell said.

Durant is set to make $41.2 million over the final two years of his Thunder contract. He will make over $10 million more in that time from his Under Armour contract.

Durant would become the face of Under Armour, which includes Olympian Michael Phelps, Stephen Curry, Bryce Harper, and Tom Brady, among others.