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Kevin Durant is a "Jeopardy!" clue

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The popular game show used KD's "Slim Reaper" nickname as a clue in a recent broadcast.

Ronald Martinez

Kevin Durant has another line to add to his resume.

After adding "NBA MVP" to the already illustrious list, Durant can now claim something else: "Jeopardy!" clue.

On Thursday night's broadcast of the "Jeopardy" Teen Tournament, host Alex Trebek read a clue from the "This Celebrity" category. The $800 clue:

"The Slim Reaper" nickname was a legitimate news item for a couple of weeks in January, when Durant used a historic stretch of 30+ point performances to launch his way to the forefront of the MVP race. The nickname caught on, mostly because it just fit with Durant's lanky exterior and calmly destructive interior, only it didn't exactly fly with KD.

Just to rehash the "Slim Reaper" saga: the nickname caught on, then Durant kind of rejected it, came up with a weird alternative nickname (see here), that alternative nickname was laughed off, and then everyone just went back to calling him KD but still referred to him as "Slim Reaper" here and there. It's all incredibly mundane, but it beats that other KD discussion that keeps popping up in these dog days of summer when NBA news is few and far between.

So KD didn't like the nickname, but "Jeopardy!" still found it applicable, so maybe it really is still his nickname? No matter, at least now we all can feel smart for knowing an answer to a "Jeopardy!" clue.