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After the NBA Draft, what does the Thunder roster look like?

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Let's go over what the roster looks like following the NBA Draft.

Ronald Martinez

The 2014 NBA Draft was a blessing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although some people might not be satisfied and believe the Thunder needed perimeter shooting, Sam Presti succeeded in adding talent to the roster. Presti ignored needs for the talent he wanted, and you can easily see the improvement after you take a look at the entire roster. And, there's still time for even more improvement in terms of acquiring reliable scorers.

Point guard

Starter: Russell Westbrook

Back-up: Reggie Jackson - Reggie Jackson is meant to be a backup point guard for Westbrook, even though he stated that he wants to be a starter next season. Being a starter in the point guard spot is impossible with Westbrook, and if Jackson started at shooting guard, that would have a negative impact defensively. With defense being a priority of Scott Brooks', Brooks might not fulfill Jackson's wish. Regardless, Jackson will get his share of minutes.

Third-string: Semaj Christon - The Thunder needed a third point guard to fill the spot of Derek Fisher's, who retired and got taken on as the coach of the New York Knicks. Christon is a good point guard, and will fit in terms of replacing Fisher.

Shooting guard

Starter: Jeremy Lamb - Jeremy Lamb had several moments last year, but the issue is that he is still not ready to be a starter. This is what puts the Thunder in a critical situation, and they're in need of a reliable scorer as soon as possible.

Back-up: None

Free agents: Thabo Sefolosha and Caron Butler - Re-signing one of those players could shift Lamb back to the bench. Re-signing Sefolosha, however, won't add any quality to the team at this stage in his career. He's unreliable and the team needs a dependable scorer who can remove the amount of pressure on Durant and Westbrook. Butler won't fit at all as a starter either. He's old and inconsistent, but he could be helpful coming off the bench.

Small forward

Starter: Kevin Durant

Back-up: Perry Jones III - Perry Jones is more of a small forward, and could play at 4 as well. He has a ton of athleticism, and he has the tools to be dangerous offensively. However, he needs to round out the details in his game in order to be a useable and effective weapon off the bench. He has talent and Scott Brooks has to manage that by playing him more so he can gain experience and fully emerge.

Third-string: Andre Roberson and Josh Huestis - These two players are both similar to each other. They can fit the team's long term plans, especially given that they are both great athletes and defensive specialists. Their offensive ability is limited right now, but they can develop it.

Power forward

Starter: Serge Ibaka - Ibaka's one of the best defensive players in the league. He's so valuable to the team, as he provides rim protection and shooting. He's still just 24 years old and has plenty of time to continue improving.

Back-up: Nick Collison - Collison is a good player overall, but he's getting older and that's why the team drafted Mitch McGary. Collison is energetic and strong. Him and Steven Adams will put out a great performance whenever they play together.

Reserves: Grant Jerrett and Mitch McGary - Jerrett is mainly a practice player and was signed at the end of last season. McGary was drafted a few days ago but there may not be room for him in the rotation... yet.


Starter: Kendrick Perkins - Regardless of the criticism Perkins draws, he's a good defensive player that adds toughness down in the paint. In the playoffs, he did a great job defending Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Tim Duncan.

Back-up: Steven Adams - Adams is developing very nicely and went beyond all of our expectations, but he still needs time in order to be a starter. He looks like a starter down the road rather than one now. He provides a great amount of athleticism on the floor, and he will certainly gain more minutes next season, which will prepare him to be a starter in the future.

Third-string: Hasheem Thabeet - Thabeet rarely played with the team, because he is very slow and troubles himself with fouls. The coaching staff could work on him, hopefully forming a gigantic player that offers rim protection in the lane.