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2014 NBA draft: LIVE blog and open thread (Updates! Reload page often!)

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WTLC brings you the most comprehensive coverage anywhere of the 2014 NBA draft and coverage of the Thunder. Stay with us all night!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NBA draft is finally here and the Thunder have 2 picks in the 1st round to spend (21, 29). This draft is not only about the Thunder however, as the rest of the league is looking to either reach the mountain top like the Thunder or work their way into playoff contention next season.

This time around, WTLC is bringing you not only coverage of the Thunder, but the entire draft as well. To do this, we are employing the ReplyAll technology that we used during the WCF, and so we need YOU, the reader, to stay with us in this post as we update our coverage and analysis throughout the night.

This draft is so special for the Thunder that we have sent our very own Justin Danziger to Brooklyn to be there in person as the players' names are called. He'll be chiming in here throughout as well as providing coverage as picks are made. The WTLC team of Zeb Benbrook, Chris Hanneke, Juan Toribio, and Ali Fadhel will be joining the conversation here as we watch the draft on TV. Completing the trifecta of awesome is of course YOU  the reader to chime in down in the comments below. Between Justin AT the draft, our WTLC team writing about the draft, and you at home commenting on it, we should have a fun and outstanding evening together.

So stay with us throughout the night, refresh this page often to see the comments update, and let's hope that Sam Presti can pull off some magic once again.