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Zeb Talks With SonicsRising and Sactown Royalty

Greg Wissinger and I give the hardcore details on our teams, while Kevin Nesgoda and Chris Meirose attempt to grill us.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last Tuesday, Kevin Nesgoda was kind enough to invite me on The Downstroke, the main podcast of SonicsRising. Co-Hosting with him was Chris Meirose, a long-time Sonics fan and SonicsRising/Sonics Central contributor.  Also on the show was Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty, effectively completing the trifecta of fanbases that have surrounded all of the Seattle drama. Greg is interviewed first, and my interview starts around the 27 minute mark. Once both of us are done rambling, we get into a strange group discussion about the NBA in general, and the directions it leads are pretty interesting. The other podcasters are much older and wiser, but my youthful energy breaks through.

You can check out SonicsRising here.

Twitter Accounts of everyone involved: @KDN4@mrclm@SonicsRising@SactownRoyalty@GWiss@WTLC@ZebulunBenbrook