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NBA Draft 2014: Oklahoma City Thunder select Mitch McGary with the 21st overall pick

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The Oklahoma City Thunder select the Michigan center, Mitch McGary with the 21st overall pick.


The Oklahoma City Thunder have selected Mitch McGary with the 21st overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Name: Mitch McGary

School: University of Michigan

Position: PF/C


Height 6 feet 10 inches
Weight 255 pounds
Wingspan 6 feet 11 inches

Reaction: I was very surprised that the Thunder did not go with PJ Hairston at 21.  But when McGary was called out, I was quite pleased.  I loved his energy at Michigan and I believe he will overcome his marijuana incident that banned him from March Madness last season.  He had lower back surgery back in January but I don't think it will affect him in the future.  What OKC got out of McGary is a solid role player who will energize his team.  He puts his all into every minute and second and will be a future impact role player for the Thunder.

Well this was a surprise.  As I kept chanting "Hairston, Hairston, Hairston" in my head McGary was announced.  Surprisingly, I am pretty content with this pick.  Think of McGary as a Nick Collison in terms of hustle.  He is a versatile big man offensively and his defense can improve through his time with Oklahoma City.  It is hard not to notice McGary on the court because he plays every minute like it is his last.  He hustles for loose balls, fights hard for rebounds, and is a true vocal leader.  I expect nothing less in the pros.  Defensively, I do not expect McGary to be a Serge Ibaka and block every shot that comes his way, he has just a 6'11'' wingspan.  But he is quick laterally and can be developed into a reliable pick and roll defender.  His high basketball IQ helps him pass well for a big man and his large body will make him a screener that no one will have an easy getting around.  Will McGary be a huge contributor from the get go?  No.  But in the future I expect nothing less than an energized guy who makes his teammates better and brings energy to the floor