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2014 NBA mock draft: Inside the WTLC war room

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Ridiculous Upside hosted the 2014 SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft. Here's an exclusive look inside the Thunder's (ahem, our) draft room, and how it played out.

The past two days, our friends at Ridiculous Upside hosted the official 2014 SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft. The concept was simple enough: each team blog basically controls its team's first round decision-making. That can be everything from simply who to select, to far juicier ideas like trading picks and and that type of fun stuff.

The Thunder, obviously, hold two picks in this year's draft (No. 21 and No. 29), and with a deep class expected, the options were aplenty as to how they could approach it.

Zebulun Benbrook played the role of executive GM, but the rest of the the WTLC crew comprised the remainder of the front office. Below you will see a transcript from inside the draft room our Gmail thread and how the 2014 SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft shook out for the Thunder.


Zebulun Benbrook: For OKC, this year isn't as exciting as it has been in the past. But we can definitely make a statement about where we want the future of the team going with our moves. I'll make the final decisions, but I'm going to make moves that we all generally agree on.

Anyway, we have picks 21 and 29, so feel free to throw suggestions on guys we should target.

Also, if you have a suggestion on a team to contact for a trade (or for a player/package I should put on the market) let me know and I can start the emails. All trades have to work in the ESPN trade machine.

As far as what I think, I'm in favor of trying to get another scorer on our team at any cost. We could swing for one at pick 21, or potentially package our picks to take a waiver on an old guy. Obviously a post scorer would be ideal, but anybody who can create off of the dribble would be nice.

Kevin Yeung: Some of the guys I like are P.J. Hairston, Shabazz Napier and Bogdan Bogdanovic (like him the most but draft stock indicates he might be there at 29).

Justin Danziger: I know this might be a bit of a reach but Zach Lavine at 21 if he's available. And I like PJ Hairston as well.

Ali Fadhel: My suggestion would be: Trade Lamb, and Anderson (Ed. note: he meant Roberson) for Dion Waiters.

Craig Brenner: A trade I have floated to some people but one you cant really throw in the Trade Machine is Reggie Jackson and #21 this year and next year's 1st round pick to the Orlando Magic for the #4 pick this year. A lot of mocks have the Magic looking at a PG so they can move Victor Oladipo to the SG slot.

What that gives the Thunder a lot of options at #4. I love Aaron Gordon and putting him next to Ibaka would give the Thunder front court a lot of athleticism

Just some food for thought.

Juan Toribio: If Hairston is there at 21, I think that should be the pick.

One option that intrigues me is maybe trading the 21st and something else for like pick 12 and take James Young?

Sarah Dewberry: OKC needs to trade picks for Pau Gasol!!

Zebulun Benbrook: So I watched the draft express vids on Kevin's suggested targets. P.J. Hairston looked like a human freight train, and probably the perfect guy to replace Perk's emotion and tenacity in the locker room.

Shabazz Napier was interesting. He'd fit in, having known Ollie at UCONN for so long. But he's not like the Draymond Green of doing little things, and it's hard to say if he's at an NBA level.

Bogdanovic was the most interesting to me, simply because he was such a good shooter. His lack of a mid-range shot might limit him though, because I don't think he'll be able to do anything at the rim in the NBA. He could fit into a 3 and D role easily. But again, I literally know nothing else about these guys so I'm just throwing stuff out there.

Lavine looked interesting for our latter pick. We might as well choose someone we can develop there, since I don't see them getting any time.

Ali, if you mean Lamb and Jackson, I could suggest that to Cleveland. But I'm not sure how much I like that idea. Anyone else?

Craig, as long as it hypothetically works in the trade machine, it should be fine. I really like the idea of that trade, BUT the Magic GM said that he didn't want to trade 4.

I kind of like Juan's idea, but only if we don't give up one of the Big 4. Any ideas on who we should package and to whom?

Sarah's Gasol suggestion is interesting, but the Lakers have been all quiet in the draft thread so far.

Ali Fadhel: I actually tried Lamb and Anderson on ESPN trade machine for Waiters and it worked, but obviously the Cavs wouldn't accept that. The problem is Jackson is valuable to us and we cant let him go easily.

Zebulun Benbrook: Do you mean Roberson? Sorry, I'm confused.

Ali Fadhel: Oops I'm so sorry, I meant Andre Roberson* and Lamb for Waiters.

(Ed. note: It kind of speaks to Roberson's anonymity that we all just knew who Ali was talking about, and that he could slip and think of him as an Anderson. We need some personality, Dre!)

Zebulun Benbrook: That idea I like better.

Zebulun Benbrook: By the way, here's what all of the other sites are saying, just so you have an idea of the market....

Boston Celtics- where's the line to queue up for Kevin Love?

Charlotte Hornets- Eric Gordon's also available for some combination involving a mid to late first rounder!!

Dallas Mavericks- Well, the pretend Mavericks might have some interest in moving up to that 27 depending on what the board looks like. (THAT MEANS US TOO, WE HAVE 29)

Denver Nuggets- The Nuggets (me) are open to trades to move up, down or side to side. If not, I know who I want at 11.

Golden State Warriors- For anyone who's bored or has unused cap room they'd like to use up, Harrison Barnes and David Lee are very available.

Milwaukee Bucks- And the Bucks have three second rounders so come at me Li'l Seth and all you other pickless wonders.

New York Knicks- Tyson Chandler is on the block. Talk to me.

Philadelphia 76ers- I am the Sixers. I have all the picks and all the men named Thad. I would listen to offers for MCW. I accept picks and pie.

Phoenix Suns- Suns have 14,18 and 27. Open to moving up or out, depending on how the mock shakes out. No way I want three rookies when the mock is over.

Sacramento Kings- 8th pick up for grabs as is almost anyone on the roster aside from DeMarcus Cousins. I'm going to try to play this similar to how I feel the Kings will, so players that can help the Kings potentially become a playoff team next year are the big draw, particularly defensive minded big men.

Other teams just haven't said anything. But we can email any of them.

Craig Brenner: I love the idea of Harrison Barnes being on the Thunder and what his game could add to the team.

Justin Danziger: We can trade the 21st pick and a young player for Iman Shumpert. If the Knicks are in need and are desperate for a draft pick.

Zebulun Benbrook: Got an offer of Lamb, PJ, #21 and #29 for Thad (Young) and #10 from the Sixers. i like it.

Also barnes would be nice, though he seriously faded and just forgot to play in the latter half of the season

And Shumpert? Is he really that good? I don't watch much east coast ball.

Craig Brenner: I run to get that Sixers deal done. I think the upside on Barnes is nice and a change could help him greatly. Let's hurry up and get the Sixers deal done and call no take backs.

Zebulun Benbrook: Hm, so it looks like we have to add Roberson and Thabeet to the Sixers deal. Now I'm a bit more wary, because I don't wanna cut Roberson loose after a year, and Thabeet is the best fifth big man you're going to get in this league.

I like Barnes too, but it's hard to see how we could help another contender in the Warriors. We kinda only have picks, youth, and role players, and I think they're looking for more win-now type stuff.

ANYWAY, based on your suggestions, I've sent emails to.... Cavs (for Waiters), Warriors (for Barnes), Lakers (for Gasol), and Knicks (for Shumpert)

I'll let you know what responses I get.

Zebulun Benbrook: So I talked to the Lakers and Gasol is a UFA, which makes the deal too complicated for the purposes of doing the mock. Sorry Sarah! He would be amazing next to Ibaka though.

Also, Andrew from Down to Dunk sent me this offer, which I just sent to the Magic:

Jackson, Perk, 21, and 29 to Orlando for Afflalo, Jason Maxiell and the 12th pick

By the way, I haven't committed to anything yet, I'm just getting everyone's thoughts as I go.

Zebulun Benbrook: So here's the responses I've gotten from GSW and ORL:

GSW: "We're definitely open to moving Barnes in order to trade into the draft around the early 20s, but it depends on who's there. How much are you willing to trade for him?"

I bet it's going to take something more than 21 and Lamb to grab Barnes, but that's all I can think to offer.

ORL: "This proposal is something we might be able to talk more about. My hesitation regards Jackson: I like him as a player, but he's due an extension following this season, and Orlando already has two similarly valued players--Nik Vučević and Tobias Harris--also up for long-term deals once the season ends. But it's a tempting deal, because Jackson addresses a real need for the Magic. I'm not saying no outright, but the long-term money question is something I'd really have to grapple with in greater detail."

I like doing the Orlando deal if nothing else comes through.


Knicks got back to me. He's making a post and trying to make an offer around Shumpert. This is getting interesting...

Craig Brenner: I like the Magic and GSW deals way better than anything the Knicks can offer. I am not that big on Shumpert. Afflalo would be a great fit for OKC and fills a big need. They do have guys similar to Perk but I believe he is an expiring contract which is like gold a lot of times.

Juan Toribio: What about Tyson Chandler for 21, Perkins and Lamb?

Zebulun Benbrook: I'm pretty much with Craig here. I really like the idea of landing Barnes or Afflalo. Shumpert is a decent backup plan to consider, while Chandler? I dunno. Dude's ancient history. Didn't we get a much better deal for him four years ago?

Down to Dunk Crew: No way on the TC deal.

Justin Danziger: I know this may be a stupid thing to say but since another scoring option would be nice, would a trade for Eric Gordon, where we give up RJ and the 21st pick, work? Don't call me stupid...just curious.

Kevin Yeung: Had that phase where I was curious what EG had left in the tank, but Gordon's contract is basically an instant turn-off I think.

Justin Danziger: Yeah, 14 mil. Not worth it.

Zebulun Benbrook: BIG NEWS:

Warriors: "Collison + 21 +29 for Barnes would work for us. Give me a few more picks just to make sure one of the guys we want at 21 is there."

Magic: "Any way to pry Jackson and the No. 18 without having to give up the 12? Arron Afflalo is available, naturally. Willing to take on Perkins' money."

I'm liking the Warriors offer more, and I think it's something I'd do. Forces Brooks to go lean with his lineups and gives us a legitimate scorer that can take on all of Butler's and Fisher's possessions. Afflalo spaces well, but I think the Thunder need bench ball handlers, and I don't wanna give up Jackson at all.

Kevin Yeung: My hot takes:

I'm not hot on Harrison Barnes at all. Sorta doubting his ability to make it in this league. His 3P% is down, he's inconsistent as a small-ball 4, and regressed to a sub-.500 TS% last year.

I'm a fan of Afflalo, though. He's got that one-on-one game to him too, if that's what you wanted. Even developed some post-up stuff last year. I'd insist on Afflalo/12 for Jackson/Perkins/21, and I'd probably be willing to throw in Lamb to get it done. We all love Lamb and I still think he can be good, but there's probably a better Lamb at 12 whether it's Gary Harris or Nik Stauskas.

Down to Dunk Crew: I would do the Barnes deal, but not for 2 first rounders. They can have 21, but not both. 2 first rounders and a cult hero is too much for Barnes.

I'd also be more inclined to give them PJIII. Barnes seems to duplicate what he does anyway. Brooks may lose his mind if we lose all the intangibles Collison brings. Also Royce Young would be so sad.

Justin Danziger: Maybe we should give up Perk and not Collison. Make them deal with his contract. With the Magic deal, I think they need to throw in the 12th pick for me to like it.

Sarah Dewberry: Perk has got to go!

J.A. Sherman: Get rid of the only silverback?!? Not hittin' up Perk, I see. It's love tho.

Down to Dunk Crew: We have to give them back a valuable player or else they say no... PJIII, Collison, Roberson.... Perk is not really valuable as a player and is expensive... If I'm GS I say no way.

Zebulun Benbrook: NEWS:

Knicks have nixed our offer. Too excited about Iman Shumpert. Whatever.

Magic have taken 12, but are interested in dealing Afflalo for 21 and.or Jackson. Willing to take Perk's contract if we want to clear up money.

Warriors are ready to make the deal right now if we want.

My stance: Take the Warriors deal, because I doubt we'd be able to get Afflalo without giving up Lamb or Jackson. Taking the Magic deal is a viable option though, because it gives us room to sign Sefolosha or even make an impact move in Free Agency. Let me know where you stand with both of these deals, or if you favor staying pat.

My longer explanation:

As someone who watched the Dubs all year, I can say pretty confidently that Barnes lack of production was his own problem. He was never really given a lack of opportunities by Mark Jackson, always getting chances to score against other bench players. He was given a TON of mid-range isolation plays though and never really got to work within the flow of an offense, which is testament to Jackson's love affair with 90s era basketball. But it's also kinda similar to the haphazard style of the Thunder, so it's not like he'd have to adjust a ton. I think if he was able to get minutes next to some more legitimate scorers (say, if he slotted in the starting lineup at SF with Durant at PF and Ibaka at Center) and take advantage of the opportunities they open up, the game would come a lot easier to him. The bench would obviously be an issue if we did the deal, but we'd still have Lamb to fill holes, and both Perk and Adams to go big with. Plus hopefully it gets time to develop PJIII and Roberson.

Also, the 29th pick is garbage. Nobody wants it because they have to give a four year guaranteed contract to a crappy player they could just draft for an unguaranteed contract a couple picks later. If the Warriors think it's good reason to do a deal, then I'd go along with whatever they say. Not having to pay that money this year (and down the road), could help us out a lot, I think.

Also, Perk vs. Collison- Making Perk's contract work here would mean that we'd have to grab some garbage players from the Warriors in return. They don't have anyone on a one-year deal, so that means either upping the offer to make a swing a David Lee (PLEASE DON'T DO THIS DAVID LEE IS HORRIBLE), or getting dudes like Mareese Speights (two years, 6 mil), Festus Ezeli (2 years 2 mil), nemanja nedovic (3 years 3 mil), and Onjen Kuzmic (1 year .5 mil).

Also, Collison vs. PJIII- PJIII is a viable option, and I could try to swing it, but I really really doubt it. The Warriors are hurting for a big man in a bad way, and they took my Collison and two picks offer over Lamb and the #21 pick. If they didn't take Lamb and a pick, I really don't see why they'd take PJIII and two picks.

Craig Brenner: I am game for the GSW trade. I have faith that Barnes will bounce back from the sophomore slump.

Chris Hanneke:I know I've been mostly quiet on all of this but it's because I'm boring and am pretty much fine with running it back with the team we had. I truly believe if OKC had a healthy Serge for the Spurs series they win, and from the looks of Miami in the Finals, they had the tools to win it all. Point being, making any drastic changes are a risk, and may not be all that necessary given how ridiculously close the Thunder already is.

This draft is deep, OKC has a history of striking gold in late first round situations (Jackson, Ibaka) and you figure one of those two picks will be a factor right away. Then sign one more free agent to fill in the Fisher/Butler holes (like a CJ Miles type, a guy that will be more of a creator than either of those two ever were) and that sort of fills OKC's two biggest needs to get past the Spurs.

It's still a two-horse race in my eyes, and OKC can add the depth that was the biggest weakness against the Spurs through the draft and free agency, without breaking up the young, athletic guys that give them their biggest advantage over them to begin with. Oh, and staying healthy would help too.

But these ideas are intriguing, and like I said, I'm boring, so I'm still open to being talked into something bigger, I just don't see it in any of these offers, personally.

Zebulun Benbrook: Looks like Chris is the true Presti disciple here! But for real, he does have a point. Honestly I don't think there's a clear-cut right answer here, and obviously I've got ulterior motives for the GSW deal (because I want the Warriors to have a legitimate defensive big for once, and somebody to set screens for Curry).

But I'm of the win-now camp. I think that this stockpiling has been a key to our long-term success, but this isn't necessarily torpedoing our future. Barnes is young and will give us more years of production than Collison would, and he'd really do wonders to increase this team's athleticism, which is already a HUGE asset. We also have to worry about not repeating past mistakes and doing all we can to keep Jackson happy. An NBA title next year would go a long way toward keeping such a key piece. I mean, there is the chance that we get another Reggie or Serge, but it's much more likely that we get a role player or dud around that range. And Jackson was so, so huge for us in last year's playoffs.

At the end of the day, Collison and these picks won't make or break as many games next year for us as Barnes would. Collison was a non-factor in the playoffs, and can't score more than 6 points unless there's a serious matchup error. Barnes, on the other hand, was key for two GSW playoff wins. And I feel a lot more comfortable putting trust in Barnes, especially with the majority of our backcourt (Butler, Fisher, Sefolosha) set to jump ship. But if more people agree with Chris I'll totally go with the consensus. And I can totally see how a declining Barnes and successful picks could prove me wrong.

Ali Fadhel: I totally agree with what Chris just noted out.

Andrew Schlecht: Barnes is basically Marvin Williams with a better 3 point shot...... Do we really want to trade 2 first rounders and Nick Collison for that?


That is a comparison between both Williams and Barnes' second season

Ali Fadhel: I doubt that Barnes can step up his performance, and somehow I feel he's unreliable in terms of doing his job.

Craig Brenner: I would say yes to trading two picks for him because it isn't like these are lotto or mid first round picks. #21 could be an impact player but if you look back at the past few seasons there havent been any real difference makers taken at #21. Now, I know we all have faith in Presti's ability to find the diamond in the rough like he did with Jackson and Ibaka but why risk that when you an get a player who has already been productive in the league.

Zebulun Benbrook: Andrew that's a terrrrrible comparison! Marvin Williams, at the time, was playing for a 30 win Hawks team. If you look at his gamelogs you'll notice that his stats take a HUGE upswing once Joe Johnson went out for the season. He also got more opportunities when Josh Smith was injured from Dec 06-Jan 07. Plus, Williams only played 64 games, so the fact that all of his missed time came while the team was fully healthy in November also helped out his case.

Barnes is playing for a 51 win team that's stacked with offensive talent. He's had to battle dudes like Iguodala, Bogut, Green, and O'Neal for touches. Meanwhile, Williams was battling with Zaza Pachulia, Josh Childress, Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Lue, and Speedy Claxton. Those names should speak for themselves, especially when you take their whole careers into context.

I mean, I won't deny that Barnes has taken a dip, but he's miles ahead of where Williams was in 06-07. Even when his game fails him, he still has a great deal of athleticism, doesn't really hurt you on D, and rebounds well. And when he's on, he's just as legitimate of a force as Reggie or Ibaka.

But unless opinions change soon I think Craig and I are kinda alone on this one, so I might nix the deal soon.

Andrew Schlecht: Fair point. Their stat comparisons are almost exactly alike, but the situations were different. I don't love Barnes, but if you really think he can have a similar impact as Ibaka then do it. 21 and 29 for an Ibaka like impact guy is a steal. I guess I didn't watch enough of him to get that.

Ali Fadhel: I respect everyone's point of view and opinion, but I dont think he's worth it.

Chris Hanneke: Just for the record, "the true Presti disciple" is the nicest thing anyone has ever called me, including my parents.

Juan Toribio: I think we should stand pat at 21 and try and trade 29 for a future first or something along those lines. I somehow think Hairston will be there at 21 and I love what he would bring to this team. Saw him a couple times against Miami and he's sick.

Zebulun Benbrook: Well, looks like I'm outgunned. I'll tell the Warriors it's a no go, and I'll probably tell the same to the Magic in a bit unless someone wants to make an offer for Afflalo. I'd rather have Lamb than him though, so I'd vote to just stay put from here on out. Any other offers we want to put out there?

Zebulun Benbrook: The Suns have sent a telegram:

Any interest in Gerald Green and the 27 for the 21? You can fit him easily in the Kevin Martin trade exception.

Andrew Schlecht: I like Green, but would Brooks play him? Does he play defense?

Ali Fadhel: I like Green too. Of course he would play him, he's a good sixth man player, and regarding his defense, it will develop in time.

Zebulun Benbrook: I am against acquiring any Sun not named Dragic or Bledsoe. I think their entire team was based on a huge gimmick that worked because of how a lot of teams were structured this season. So I expect the stock of a lot of their peripheral players to drop immediately, Green included. Just my 2 cents though.

Andrew Schlecht: I agree with that. Green hasn't put 2 good consecutive years together as a pro... couldn't get off the bench with Indiana. I fear it would be more of the same with OKC.

Zebulun Benbrook: Just a couple picks to go. I know a few people have mentioned Hairston. Is he our consensus target or are we looking at other people too?

Craig Brenner: I go with PJ Hairston. Also I don't know if anyone saw that Collison is having knee surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks so there goes trading him.

Zebulun Benbrook: Here's how it has gone so far:

1. Cavs- Andrew Wiggins
2. Bucks- Jabari Parker
3. 76ers- Dante Exum
4. Magic- Julius Randle
5. Jazz- Joel Embiid
6. Timberwolves (from Celtics via a K.Love trade)- Aaron Gordon
7. Lakers- Noah Vonleh
8. 76ers (from Kings via a Bulls salary dump)- Dario Saric
9. Hornets- Doug McDermott
10. Bulls (from 76ers via salary dump)- Marcus Smart
11. Nuggets- Zach LaVine
12. Magic- Tyler Ennis
13. Suns (from Timberwolves via a Wolves salary dump)- Adreian Payne
14. Suns- Nick Stauskas
15. Hawks- Gary Harris

Ali Fadhel: What do you think of Elfrid Payton? He's a 6'4 point guard. We could target him as a back up point guard.

Kevin Yeung: It looks like James Young might fall to us. He has a 7-foot wingspan and a good 3pt shot. Shot selection should improve as a role player w/ KD/Russ. Hairston is good too, but his arms aren't as long and you know how the Thunder do these days.

Love Payton but he can't shoot.

Ali Fadhel: I think he will be able to develop his shooting, and generally he would fit if he plays with Westbrook or Jackson on the floor.

Craig Brenner: If somehow James Young falls to 21 then snatch him up but I have a feeling he will be gone.

Justin Danziger: My favorite guy was Payne but he's gone. So I think we should go for James Young as a priority. His performance in the Tournament was excellent. Hairston can be our backup pick. Or maybe Clint Capela the big man.

Juan Toribio: I think Young should be the pick if he's still there, not PJH.

Chris Hanneke: Yeah I love length, so sign me up for Young if he's there...

Zebulun Benbrook: So, since Payton was taken with pick 16, our short list is

1. James Young
2. P.J. Hairston

Can't say I disagree with anything so far.

....MAVS have sent a telegram:

I see you're getting closer to coming on the clock at #21. Just curious, any interest in trading out of that spot? We can offer athletic big man Brandan Wright(and his 23.6 PER) and the #34 pick.

Kevin Yeung: I'd keep the pick. Wright is fun but not really as valuable to OKC.

Zebulun Benbrook: Yeah I have trouble seeing him fit in.

Craig Brenner: I like James Young more than that offer.

Ali Fadhel: Guys, what about T.J Warren? As a bench scorer.

Justin Danziger: I think his defense is too much of a liability. And his shot isn't so great.

Zebulun Benbrook: BIG NEWS:

James Young was just taken at 19.

Juan Toribio: Chad Ford's new mock draft has OKC taking Rodney Hood at 21 and Jordan Adams at 29. That would be a really good haul for the Thunder imo.

Justin Danziger: Not a huge fan of Hood. He can basically only shoot. And he doesn't even shoot so phenomenally. Jordan Adams is very unathletic but that can be fixed. I think at 29 the Thunder need to go with the best player available. You may end up with a gem late in the first round.

Juan Toribio: I actually think he'll develop into one of the better shooters in the draft cause his mechanics are pretty good. He's also not just a spot-up shooter. He's pretty good at driving and knocking down a mid-range jumper. Defensively he needs a lot of help, but we had James Harden on this team at one point. (Not saying Hood is as good as Harden, but James is probably worse defensively).

Down to Dunk Crew: I like Hood too. Would be great.

Zebulun Benbrook: OUR PICK IS UP

Pick 20 was Clint Capela. We still going with Hairston? Or are we pivoting to Hood?

Personally I like Hairston a lot more than Hood. He's proven that he can produce on a very high D-League level, and I'd love to have somebody who can burrow down into the post. I don't like the idea of having another guy who's going to live and die by his jumpers. PLUS, Hairston's wingspan is long, while Hood's wingspan in short. I think everyone knows what that means....

But for real, I'm just basing this off of a few YouTube videos. I'm sure you guys know more than me.

Justin Danziger: He might be a problem in the locker room but he offers a lot in his game. I think he's the guy.

Juan Toribio: I'd go with Hairston too.

Zebulun Benbrook: We just picked Hairston, and now we wait for 29.

Who are we looking at? I know Kevin liked Bogdanvoic....

Chris Hanneke: Knowing next to nothing about Bogdanovic, I like him just so that we can say his name over and over again.

J.A. Sherman: The idea of listening to Brian Davis coin phrases like, "What the Bogda!?!" is enticing.

Juan Toribio: I think Mitch McGary could be a good pick. He was considered a lottery pick before his injury and his pot smoking incident. Could be worth a shot with 29.

Zebulun Benbrook: 1. Cavs- Andrew Wiggins
2. Bucks- Jabari Parker
3. 76ers- Dante Exum
4. Magic- Julius Randle
5. Jazz- Joel Embiid
6. Timberwolves (from Celtics via a K.Love trade)- Aaron Gordon
7. Lakers- Noah Vonleh
8. 76ers (from Kings via a Bulls salary dump)- Dario Saric
9. Hornets- Doug McDermott
10. Bulls (from 76ers via salary dump)- Marcus Smart
11. Nuggets- Zach LaVine
12. Magic- Tyler Ennis
13. Suns (from Timberwolves via a Wolves salary dump)- Adreian Payne
14. Suns- Nick Stauskas
15. Hawks- Gary Harris
16. Kings (from Bulls via Bulls Salary Dump)- Elfrid Payton
17. Magic (from Celtics via a Houston Salary Dump)- Jusuf Nurkic
18. Timberwolves (from Suns via K.Love trade)- Kyle Anderson
19. 76ers (from Bulls vis Bulls Salary Dump)- James Young
20. Mavericks (from Raptors via a strange pointless deal)- Clint Capela
21. Thunder- P.J. Hairston
22. Grizzlies- Rodney Hood
23. Jazz- Cleanthony Early
24. Warriors (from Hornets via Harrison Barnes trade)- Jordan Adams
25. Rockets- K.J. McDaniels

26. Heat- Shabazz Napier

27. Suns- Jordan Clarkson

One pick to go! McGary and Bogdanovic are the two names I'm hearing....



Clips took McGary at 28. Everyone on board with Bogdanovic at 29 right now?

Juan Toribio: I'm with it.

J.A. Sherman: So say we all

Zebulun Benbrook: Alright, I'm pushing the button!

Tune in to the real 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday to find out what the Thunder really decide to do with their picks.