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2014 NBA Playoffs: Post-series reflections by David Joerger and Mike Conley

Memphis head coach David Joerger and Mike Conley, Jr., addressed the media following Game 7 and series loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In a series for the ages, which featured 4 straight overtime finishes, the Memphis Grizzlies came out swinging and almost knocked off the Thunder. Here are some final reflections from the Grizzlies.

(All video footage via Sarah Dewberry)

Memphis Grizzlies coach David Joerger reflects on his first year:

David Joerger on success:

Grizzlies' David Joerger on Mike Conley:

David Joerger on loss of Randolph:

Memphis' Conley discusses return on injury:

Conley on how difficult it was to play OKC: