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2014 NBA Playoffs: Post series reflections by Scott Brooks, David Joerger, and Thunder players

After a dramatic series win Saturday night, head coach Scott Brooks and stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook looked back in the review mirror, briefly, on the Round 1 series against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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WTLC had the opportunity to listen in to both the Thunder and Grizzlies' post-series comments as long as some words from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and we bring you this exclusive footage here.

(All video footage via Sarah Dewberry)

First off, Memphis coach David Joerger was asked about the change in Russell Westbrook's play.

I have no idea why he takes the flack that he takes. Westbrook can play. He is one of the most talented people in the league. its just unfathomable. I don't understand it. He was aggressive without being out of control so he is able to find some guys out on the perimeter hit him in the hands and guys feel comfortable shooting those shots. i think they did a nice job. a thing he doesn't get enough credit for is he is a heck of a defender and he can get guys in boxes that are smaller than he is and really starts their defensive for them with this pressure.when kd and russ play like this you need one of them to be off. it seems okc is very tough to beat. when you are the oppsoing teams coach you look at the shooting precentage that these two guys are putting up and you know its coming. in the last two games theyve really made shots, big shots.

Next, Joerger was asked about the Thunder's toughness:

They've also made shots when maybe we had a chance when we were kind of making a run to answer back. Getting to the foul line is a big deal for them.

We got 15 of them the other night and that really helps this game a lot and helps their game a lot to set their defensive up going the other way.

Scott Brooks took the podium and this was his opening statement:

I want to start off by acknowledging the memphis grizzlies. I thought coach Joerger and his staff did a great job preparing them I know they were down a man but they fought they had that next man mentality step up and we knew going into this series that it was going to be a heck of a series.

This team has played some of the best basketball since Gasol has been back but give our guys credit going into this game we knew they were going to be down a man and they were going to play with some different lineups and we were prepared to play against whatever they were going to throw at us and I thought our guys did a good job.

Serge did a good job on allen in that first quarter unfortunately we gave them a lot of opportunities in transition with our turnovers - 9 turnovers in first quarter but in the 3rd qtr they came back out with that lineup and I though we did a good job.

Now its onto the next series our staff has been focusing on warriors and clippers and preparing for whomever we play.

Scott Brooks talks about Russell Westbrook in game 7:

"Russell loves game 7s I think the last time we had a game 7 he had a triple double agianst this team. We do things everyday and we work on our game everyday and somedays your shots are not going to fall. I've said this many times in this series...its been one heck of a series. Looking back at it it makes me most proud of this series is we didn’t shoot the ball well but we didn’t put our head down and stop defending. We were giving ourselves a chance by keeping them in the low 40's and put it into OT without shooting. We were shooting in the 30's and our two best players did not shoot the ball well, but knowing how they prepare and how they work and how we work as a group it was going to turn soooner or later."

Scott Brooks on Beating Memphis:

Russell Westbrook on the game 7 win:

Kevin Durant on facing elimination:

Durant on tuning out distractions: