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2014 NBA Playoffs: Fraternizing with the Rock, Part V - the Clutch

It's winning time for the Thunder, right? We continue our dialogue with Pounding the Rock to get ready for Game 6!

During the Western Conference Finals, we've had lots of fun with Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco in discussing the various facets of this series between the ThunderSpurs. We are now up to part V, as we head into the Thunder's make-or-break moment, down 3-2.

We're still using the Reply.All application here, so our discussion is ongoing. Be sure to check back as we approach tip-off!

J.R. Wilco
Matt Bonner started. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. The Red Mamba was announced as one of the starting five. Coach B began a playoff game on the floor with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard. As stunning as that development is, I'm not sure it made that big of a difference. How about you?

And Duncan, who has seen more than a few playoff series, said that this one is the craziest he's ever been a part of. I think I have to believe him. And I'm ready to go beyond the thought of determining just how insane the WCF are, and ask you whether you think any of these games will be competitive. What do you think?

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