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Serge Ibaka listed as Day To Day, Could Play in Thunder vs Spurs Series

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With Game 3 not until Sunday, there's still time for a return.

William Bennett Berry

A few days ago, according to Yahoo! sports sources, Ibaka started doing motionless workouts. He believes that he can come back, but the Thunder have still ruled him out for the remainder of the postseason. However, things have turned upside down, as he is improving in terms of his injury.

On Friday, the Thunder announced that Ibaka is listed as day-to-day
"with the understanding that there is a possibility for him to play in this series."
Moreover, the Thunder stated
"the abundance of blood and therefore, swelling in Serge’s calf has reduced substantially and unexpectedly, allowing a level of movement and stability not thought possible after the initial diagnosis. Based on both imaging and physical exam, the considerable swelling in the calf indicated the likelihood of a certain degree of injury, and that established the original time frame for recovery."

This means that Ibaka is starting to feel better, as his calf has reduced noticeably. He is also now able to practice basketball workouts.

The Spurs have been dominating the Thunder, especially down in the paint. They scored 66 points on the Thunder there over the past two games. Such news will absolutely make the Thunder players optimistic and happy. It will increase the faith in them towards evening the series in the upcoming matches.

Besides the possibility of Ibaka's return, the Thunder are in need of several things in order to even the series. Ibaka will fill the team with athleticism, protection of the paint, defensive and offensive capability. However, it is not guaranteed that Ibaka will be back. Still, his injury has been recovering rapidly, which increases the possibility of him returning back to the series. Best of all, Ibaka himself is well developed emotionally and psychologically. In addition, the following game 3 is on Sunday, giving Ibaka more time to heal and a higher chance to play in game 3.