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Thunder vs Clippers game 5 madness, brought to you by the Down to Dunk Podcast

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The DTD crew brings you a pre and post game reaction to Game 5 in our first "Carversation". We also have two fantastic interviews with Steve McPherson and Royce Young discussing KD's MVP and the Thunder/Clippers series.

(WTLC Welcomes a new partner to the fray, Down to Dunk. We are sure you have already seen Zeb appear on their show numerous times, so we decided to make the relationship official. Please welcome them to our team and community.)

First of all, we are very excited to be a part of Welcome to Loud City and SB Nation. We will post all our podcasts here and on our website, You can also follow us on Twitter, @dtdpodcast. We post twice a week typically and love interacting via Twitter or the comments section below. You can subscribe to out podcast on iTunes via this LINK! Thanks for listening!

Here are three different podcasts we have recorded this week. The first is a pre and post game conversation in the car on the way to and from game 5. Listen in for our reaction to the madness!

The next two we preview game 5 and talk about KD's MVP speech. Steve McPherson @steventurous (GRANTLAND, Hardwood Paroxysm, and A Wolf Among Wolves) and Royce Young (Daily Thunder).

Comment and engage with us below! Also send us questions for our next podcast!