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2013-2014 Oklahoma City Thunder Regular Season Awards

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Handing out the regular season awards along with some special awards. Thunder Up!

Ronald Martinez

It has been a long year. With the scare of another Russell Westbrook injury on top of the excitement of a potential MVP in Oklahoma City, the season has certainly been a roller coaster. Now it is playoffs time, my favorite time of the year and the Thunder are all business. Let's look back at the regular season, where we welcomed a Kiwiwith the middle name Funaki to the team. Here are the 2013-2014 regular season awards.

Thunder Wonder- Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant played out of this world this season. The man can simply do it all offensively. KD receives this honor because he is the NBA Wonder this season. Not only did Durant play electric offense and solid defense, he created his own nickname, "The Servant." And not only was it rejected by fans around the world, it promoted original nicknames like the Durantula or the Slim Reaper which are now like household names for our lanky freak.

Thunder Blunder- Kendrick Perkins


Oh, Kendrick. It saddens me to think that if it weren't for Kendrick Perkins, Jeff Green would be a Thunder. But that is not why Perkins is the 2014 Thunder Blunder. Perkins failed to rebound, score, the whole nine yards. He showed lack of effort and quite frankly, I cannot wait for the potential amnesty to be used on him.

Thunder Down Under- Reggie Jackson


Since the injury to Russell Westbrook, Reggie Jackson took his game to new heights. he reinvented himself as a worthy point guard who teams need to worry about. Jackson and Westbrook make for a guard duo that most teams do not have in their back pockets. Jackson has lead the OKC bench and acts as a reliable player of the bench.

Thunder Plunderer- Gerald Green


In three games vs. OKC, Green scored 28.7 PPG and 6 threes off of 60 percent shooting. Aside from being in the discussion for MIP, Green absolutely pummeled the Thunder every game, but look who is laughing now!


Selfie of the Year- Hasheem Thabeet

Kiwi Moment of the Year- "Wiping Sweat on Roy Hibbert's Elbow"


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Buzzer Beater of the Season- Russell Westbrook

Thanks for sticking with OKC throughout the season. Thunder Up!