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Phil Naessens and J.A. Sherman talk Sefolosha injury, Thunder wins, Kiwi words

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This week, Phil Naessens and Sherman talk about the Thunder trying to right the ship as they lose their 2nd starter since the All-Star Break. Also, more Kiwi word challenge!

This week on the Phil Nassens Show, we discuss whether the Thunder are finally steadying the ship after getting off to a bumpy post-All-Star break. We talk about the Sefolosha injury and what it means to a Thunder defense which at one time seemed solid but now is porous. Also, we continue the Kiwi word challenge and I see if I can slow down the Naessens winning streak.

Joining me are J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock and also Mr. Brewtown to talk about baseball. Check it out!

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