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Reports: MRI reveals Russell Westbrook's knee is just fine

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Friday's night's scary collision with Kyle Lowry will not result in any extra missed time for Westbrook.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

He's going to be ok!

Russell Westbrook's right knee was evaluated today and no further damage was reported. The Thunder will continue to move forward with his recovery as originally scheduled.

The incident happened early in the second half of Friday night's thrilling 119-118 double-overtime victory, when Toronto Raptors' point guard Kyle Lowry closed out on a Westbrook pump fake and collided with his right knee, the one originally operated on following last season's collision with Patrick Beverley.

This is the best possible news for the Thunder and Westbrook, as it means they can move forward with their star point guard ready and able to contribute down the stretch.

Westbrook is still likely to sit in back-to-backs, but that is strictly as part of the initial plan to manage his minutes. Last night's collision did nothing to alter those plans.

The video is still cringe-inducing, but it's far less painful knowing Westbrook will be back in action whenever the team feels it is right.

It makes last night's victory that much easier to enjoy, too.