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Recap: Thunder decimated by Mavs, fall 109-86

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This smells like burning garbage and a lineup that includes Johan Petro and Earl Watson.
This smells like burning garbage and a lineup that includes Johan Petro and Earl Watson.
William Bennett Berry

Box Score

Pulling back the curtain a bit here, I'm about to hop in my car and drive to Chicago to see the Thunder take on the Bulls, so AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR A REAL RECAP!

Especially when you think back on how horrible this game was. I don't want to look at footage, and I don't want to analyze the box score. This game was bad. The Thunder wore their hearts on the back of their jerseys tonight, while Scott Brooks was sending out lineups that my dead Grandmother could have cooked up.

How bad was it?

  • I remember several plays where we simply didn't bother to cover shooters. Like, the Mavs would literally jog the ball up, pass it, and score.
  • I remember several plays where nobody bothered to get guard the right position. Reggie Jackson was covering Dirk regularly. Almost every single player was mismatched.
  • Stick a fork in Jeremy Lamb. Looks like the signing of Caron Butler has instantly seized Jeremy's soul, leaving him to play the rest of the season in a comatose state.
  • Stick a fork in Caron Butler. I haven't seen one good performance out of this guy since he's come to OKC, and I highly question his effort. One play, he's getting into his defender and knocking down open threes. The next, he's bluffing shots off the front rim, dribbling himself into corners, and watching his man beat him down the floor.
  • Stick a fork in Andre Roberson. When a player never touches the ball, is he really a part of the team?

Quite honestly, this wasn't a game that I expected to win. The Mavs are playing a high level of ball right now, and the Thunder are missing three starters. But if you needed any evidence as to the effect that those three veterans have on the team, then look no further. All of them have their knocks, but they play every single game like it's their last.

I honestly can't say the same about some of the players who stepped onto the floor tonight.

Does it mean I should judge them as human beings? No, but it doesn't make me any happier about losing this basketball game.

Anyway, clean the chalkboard and move on.


Zorgon's Awards:

Thunder Wonder: Kevin Durant, because who else?

Thunder Down Under: Serge Ibaka, who continues to ball hard despite possessing no ability to put the ball on the floor. Respect.

Thunder Blunder: The injured bodies of Russ, Perk, and Thabo. Darn you, physiology!

Thunder Plunderer: The FOUR Mavs who scored 16 or more.

Next Game: Versus the Chicago Bulls, Monday, March 17th, 7 PM Central Standard Time.