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Sports Insider - Thunder Edition app is the best way to follow OKC

This app is perfect for any Thunder fan around the world.

Westbrook loves the app too!
Westbrook loves the app too!
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Let me start off by saying, "your welcome."

Not only am I going to be presenting the perfect way to stay involved with your favorite team, I am showing you an easy way to retrieve scores, gear, news, and more all in one, with just a touch on your iPhone.

It's called "Sports Insider - Thunder Edition" and it can be found on the App Store for iPhones.

Just like here at WTLC, this application is made by the fans, for the fans.  This application is for all Thunder fans ranging from OKC to New Zealand.  Here are some of the awesome features.


Looking for a quick and easy way to read about all things Thunder?  Just click news in your Sports Insider - Thunder Edition app and you will have a handful of updates and articles right at your fingertips.  With a default list of sites like Daily Thunder, Bleacher Report, The Crimson Slate, and your very own Welcome to Loud City, you can easily access all things Thunder. Maybe the Thunder just traded away Russell Westbrook (JUST AN EXAMPLE) and you need to the know the specifics of the deal.  Just click NEWS and browse through the sites that this app provides, then read away.  But what makes this so awesome is that it is customizable to what you want.  If you do not want Bleacher Report on your feed, just swipe and delete, it is that easy!

Social Media

We all know that the age of social media is upon us.  Social media is such a huge part of our lives, especially in the sports world.  Most of us get our news updates and stats from Twitter.  Ever been too busy to watch a game and all you want to do is find scores and stats without having to weed through unrelated, non-Thunder, junk?  All you have to do is type in your twitter handle and voila, you are now able to read through tweets only concerning OKC.


Nothing gets me more frustrated than when the post game interviews are not displayed after a game.  Personally, I enjoy watching Westbrook in his funk wardrobe say what went wrong or right in the previous game.  With the Thunder app, you can now watch these interviews, reactions, and community service videos.

Schedule, Roster, and Tickets

On the Thunder App, seeing who OKC will pummel next is easy with the schedule provided and seeing information like height, salary, position, and college can be easily accessed with the roster feature.  Want to grab tickets to attend the next game?  All you have to do is open the app, clicked tickets, and buy seats from Seat Geek.  Then, enjoy the game.


My favorite part about this app is the gear feature.  My Thunder wardrobe is close to nothing.  If you are like me and need some Thunder gear, just click gear (gear is from fanatics) and choose from t-shirts to bluetooth ear pieces to nail tattoos for a cheap price.

Final Thoughts

The company is looking into providing notifications with breaking news and scores.  I strongly suggest buying this app for a low price of 99 cents.  Just for 99 cents, you can access all things Thunder without the hassle.

This app is a must have for all Thunder fanatics.  The layout is spread out and not cluttered and it is easy to search throughout the app.  The social media aspect is awesome and isn't found on many other applications.  I highly recommend buying this app due to all the features that are hard to find anywhere else.

Grade: 4.5 out of 5