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Westbrook to return Thursday vs. the Heat, according to KD

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It's official!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (2/19): KD has rescinded his statement regarding Westbrook's return, and expresses regret over the interview. Full story here.

Via an interview with Grantland:

Bill Simmons: When does Russell come back?

Kevin Durant: game! Right after the All-Star break, against Miami.

I don't think it gets any more definitive than that. Kevin Durant was deflecting Westbrook comeback questions as recently as Sunday night, so he must have heard something rather recently. Westbrook himself has been silent regarding the matter, though he has been seen doing intense warm-ups before a few pre All-Star Break games.

Obviously, this is excellent news for the Thunder. Russ hasn't played in a game since the Christmas Day thrashing of the New York Knicks, and his shot-creating ability has been sorely missed. Most, including Durant himself, expect Westbrook's adjustment period to be short. He is expected to slot directly into the starting lineup, replacing Reggie Jackson.