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Kevin Durant thinks Russell Westbrook's return will be "Easy"

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We got a few questions in during KD's media session, and his responses might surprise you....

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Kevin Durant got in some time with the media after All-Star Game Practice this morning. He will be in the starting lineup for the Western Conference this Sunday, and is expected to get heavy minutes with his coach Scott Brooks at the helm. Our man Craig Brenner got a few questions in with KD, and you can find the transcript of those questions along with full video of the session below. -Z

Craig A. Brenner: Kevin, you have the best team in the West, maybe in the NBA. What can you guys improve on in the second half of the season?

Kevin Durant: Well, we'll just get Russell back and build it on continuity. Just getting back in the flow of things, try to rev it up again with him in the lineup. We're looking forward to having him back. You know, our defense has to be a lot better. Offensively, we have to move the ball a lot better. But, you know, I'm looking forward to the second half.

Brenner: What do you think it'll be like trying to get Russell Westbrook back into the lineup? Do you think there will be any kind of transition?

Durant: No. It'll be easy. He only missed 25 games in 6 years. So it won't be hard to get him back into the lineup. We just want him to be himself. We don't want him to come out there and try to think too much, play a little different, or play too passive. We just want him to be aggressive, and be himself. We're just going to mold ourselves around him. We're not trying to have him mold into the team. We're just gonna all rally around him.