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WTLC and the Media Talk with Reggie Jackson

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Find out whether he was slated to be in the dunk contest, and what he thinks the key is to his improved defense this season.

Craig A. Brenner

Reggie Jackson met with the media today to discuss taking part in the NBA 2014 All-Star festivities. Jackson discussed the pride he has in representing the Thunder and the community of Oklahoma City in the NBA All-Star weekend. When asked about if there are any 'tricks' he had for the Skills competition, he said he was told to add some "flash" on the finish with a dunk. I asked Jackson his thoughts on the dunk contest, and if he has been asked to participate. He said that he heard rumors that he was on the list as an alternate and indicated it is something he has given some thought.

Jackson also discussed what the last year has been like for him going from a key bench player to the starting point guard on the best team in the NBA.  He said it has been a season of ups and downs, and he is trying to do his best to stay even throughout the entire process. He added that it is nice to be considered an integral part of the best team in the Western Conference.

Later Jackson gave his thoughts on the depth of the Western Conference and the Thunder's success against the elite teams in the NBA. When asked for the reasons why they have been so good against those upper crust teams he gave credit to Derek Fisher and his presence in the locker room. Fisher tells the team that it isn't about the opponent, it is about us (the Thunder) getting better every game and every day.

I asked Jackson what was the key to the vast improvement in the defense as the year has moved along. He gave credit to the play of the "bigs", Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins. Specifically, he pointed out their ability to guard the rim and patrol the paint. Lastly, I asked Jackson about the length of the team and how that helps their team defense mainly when it relates to Jeremy Lamb. He said that Jeremy Lamb's genetic make up is freaky with his wing span and his explosiveness.

Overall, it is safe to say that Reggie Jackson feels a great sense of pride in being able to represent his team and city in at the NBA All-Star weekend.