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Phil Naessens Show: Durant returns, Adams struggles, predicting Thunder record in December

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This week's Phil Naessens Show takes a look at the Thunder's next 10 game stretch and what OKC needs to do to get into playoff contention. Listen in!

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This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we take a closer look at how the Thunder faired over these past few games. How bad was the Pelicans loss, and how bad could it have been if the Pistons game had resulted in a loss too? We then dig into the Thunder's next 10 games of the season which will culminate on Christmas Day against the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. How good can the Thunder be during this stretch, as it will go a long ways to telling us their playoff chances?

Joining me are J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock, Dave Ramil of Hot Hot Hoops, and Rush Olson to talk baseball. Listen in!

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