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Oklahoma City Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - The Thunder are Back! Kind of...

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The Thunder have their whole squad back, why didn't they win in New Orleans?

© Derick E. Hingle

First things first, Luke Stephens @sukelephens slept in this morning and has all the sound equipment at his house, so today's podcast is Jay, Taylor and Andrew passing around a mic. Please let @sukelephens know that this is not ok. On with some Thunder.

On today's episode we talk about the disappointing game in New Orleans and how the team is expected to play going forward. Are the Thunder a better defensive team without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? Surely not, but we discuss that performance and what needs to be done for them to play peak defensive basketball.

We also discuss which NBA player would make the best American Gladiator, who are the favorites for the title as of today, and we try to trade Josh Smith in our Trade Calls segment. As always we have our Say What Stat of the Week, Top 5 Power Rankings, and what is making us Miffed and or Peeved. Thanks for listening! Comment and subscribe on iTunes!