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Phil Naessens Show: Russell Westbrook returns, Thunder begin surge

Listen in to the Phil Naessens Show as we discuss the return of Russell Westbrook and more!

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This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we get to talk about what the Thunder are starting to look like now that they are regaining their health. We recorded this show yesterday so it was before the official announcement that Kevin Durant would be back in action tonight, but many of the assertions remain valid.

First though, an announcement from Phil, who is celebrating an evolution in his show:

When I began the Phil Naessens Show six years ago I had envisioned putting together a show that I would want to listen to having knowledgeable guests in a fast paced informative environment. With the help of amazing guests like the ones on my show today I think I accomplished this.....and now we are ready to take this show to the next level.

For starters we have added a voice mail number for you to call in and leave a question to possibly be answered on air by either myself or one of my guests. I think this is going to make the show more audience interactive and much more fun for all of us. That number for you to call is (234) 738-3394 and is available 24/7 so please use the number, ask your question and tune in Monday through Friday and you might hear the question being answered on the show.

Today's show is the first time I've had four segments to an hour long Phil Naessens Show. Because of the huge popularity of the Phil Naessens Show it's much easier to book guests and four segment Phil Naessens Shows is something I plan on doing more of. The segments will be a couple of minutes shorter than the usual 15 or so minutes but you'll get more great talk in one hour than ever before and I think that's win win for all of us.

Listen in as I am joined by Kris Willis of Peachtree Hoops, Justin Rowan of Fear the Sword, and Emmet Ryan of Ball in Europe.

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