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Down to Dunk Podcast: Back in the Playoff Race for the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are just a couple game back of being in the 8th spot, and things are starting to feel normal again.

Durant was on his way to a historic night scoring 30 points in 18 minutes. That was until Marreese Speights put his foot under Kevin's surgically repaired foot and almost sent me into cardiac arrest. Luckily KD is ok, but did not return. That left the Thunder vulnerable in the second half. Westbrook nearly brought the team back, but he was alone. We discuss this game at length and what to expect going forward for the Thunder.

We answer your questions! This includes questions about the race in the West, Santa Claus, Dirty Santa, Carmelo Anthony Davis vs. Lebron James Harden, The Avengers, and a new team name for the Thunder. This is all surrounded by general weirdness that you can only get from the Down to Dunk Podcast.

Our Trade Calls segment is us trading Carmelo Anthony. You won't want to miss it.

*SPOILER ALERT* We discuss the Serial podcast for entirely too long at the end of this podcast. If you haven't heard the last episode don't listen then.