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Jeremy Lamb has two left feet

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We expose a simple, but glaring error in Jeremy Lamb's shot.

Set your feet, man!
Set your feet, man!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Just about every Thunder fan has be be frustrated with Jeremy Lamb at this point. Despite coming in with so much potential, Lamb just hasn't been able to put together a streak of good offensive games. Sure, there's always flash-in-the-pan games that make you think Lamb has what it takes. But Jeremy usually follows those up by laying complete eggs when it matters.

Making things worse is just how sink-or-swim Jeremy Lamb is. Consider this: Lamb has shot 60% or above in five of his 19 games this season. He's shot 29% or below in five other of his 19 games this season. This leaves Lamb shooting between 30-59% in only 9 of his 19 games this season, or less than half. All the while, Lamb is averaging 9.1 attempts a game. As fans, do we really want that much of OKC's offense trusted to such a wild variable?

I had to get to the bottom of Jeremy Lamb's problem. As someone observing Lamb in the context of the game, I was really puzzled. Lamb seemed to get just about the same darn shot attempts every single night. The vast majority of Lamb's shots are virtually unguardable, and his drives to the basket utilize his length over anything else. Since it seemed to have little to do with his defenders, what in the world could Lamb's problem be?

Once I started looking at Jeremy Lamb's feet, it all came together. Lamb's footwork is awful. He simply doesn't know how to set his feet before a shot. Check out these five missed shots he took in last night's Kings game.

Shot 1 (Feet too close together, one foot in front of the other.)


Shot 2 (His left foot is not pointing towards the rim.)


Shot 3 (Left foot is too far behind.)


Shot 4 (One foot in front of the other, both feet pointing away from rim.)


Shot 5 (Hard to see, but feet are close together and one is slightly in front of the other.)


Honestly, I'm pretty baffled as to why someone on a pro basketball team would be using such poor form. I mean, Jeremy Lamb was literally playing against Darren Collison and Nik Stauskas. Darren Collison is a mismatch for a larger point guard like Westbrook, and should be cake to a longer two guard like Lamb. Meanwhile, Stauskas is a offensively-focused rookie. There's absolutely no reason Lamb shouldn't have scored 20 tonight, yet his lackadaisical play forced the Thunder to re-assert their lead in the fourth quarter.

Just for comparison's sake, I'm including three made Morrow threes here. Morrow is a classical shooter whose form is is greatest asset, and he's playing basically the same position as Lamb. Even when Morrow misses, he almost always manages to maintain good footwork and balance throughout his shot. Morrow's size and release are usually what kill him.




I really don't know whether it's even worth trying to fix Lamb's game at this point. I've already broken down how terrible his defensive stance is, and I've also gone into how his negative energy can kill the team's momentum. Playing Lamb is simply accepting him for what he is: an extremely streaky player that's not going to be able to recover from a bad game.

I'm gonna be real....I just want a trade.

What do you think of Jeremy Lamb's season so far? Do you think he needs a longer leash? Drop a comment and let us know!