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Talking Thunder and Grizzlies with Grizzly Bear Blues

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As part of their "Grinding Through the Season" series, we join Chris Huffines of SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues in trying to make sense of the Thunder's present situation while looking ahead to Friday's matchup.

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Our friends at Grizzly Bear Blues have been doing a "Grinding Through the Season" series previewing each team in the league with writers that cover those teams. GBB's Chris Huffines asked me to join the ReplyAll conversation and give some thoughts on the Thunder season as a whole, as well as how they will match up with the Grizzlies on Friday.

We cover everything from the Thunder's offseason, to Serge Ibaka's emergence as a legitimate weapon, to Scott Brooks' evolution as a coach. It all leads up to a small preview of Friday's game between the Thunder and Grizzlies on Friday on ESPN, where Oklahoma City will hope to have enough bodies to even be able to compete with the 4-0 Grizzlies.

You can see the entire conversation below:

Thanks again to Chris for letting me join in, and you can check out the rest of GBB's "Grinding Through the Season" previews at this stream here.