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Phil Naessens Show: Discussing Reggie Jackson, what happens next for the Thunder

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This week, Phil Naessens and Sherman discuss the Reggie Jackson situation and what it means going forward for this very painful first week of the season.

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This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we take the opportunity to discuss the disastrous start to the Thunder's season, where they are now looking at having possibly 6 healthy bodies going into Friday's showdown against the Grizzlies. At the center of it at the moment is Reggie Jackson, who has made news waves and inspired social media to chirp on what he should be doing with his talents and expecting him to do more. As you might suspect, Naessens has a few thoughts:

I read this piece on Tuesday about Jackson seeming to be a "me first" type of player. That might make for nice copy on a slow news day but if that actually was the case then how do you explain Jackson his fourteen assist night against the Raptors on basically one leg? How do you dive on the floor after loose balls the way he did against Toronto and be "me first"?

If I were Jackson I couldn't wait to get the heck out of Oklahoma City. If I were a Thunder fan rather than give Jackson "the blues" on social media I'd be appreciating what the young man has to offer while he's still wearing a Thunder uniform because that young fella is out of there.

Back to the Thunder: No matter how one might try and sugarcoat it the Thunder are in big trouble. Somehow someway they need to find a way to win a few games otherwise what should have been a great season of promise will end outside of the playoff picture among a chorus of boos that Reggie Jackson and the rest of the Thunder team doesn't deserve.

Listen in to get the full scoop, as well as discussion about the Heat from Dave Ramil, and the Utah Jazz featuring Amar.

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