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Video: Reggie Jackson makes poor decisions vs. Nets

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We break down footage from Monday's game at Brooklyn to expose flaws in Reggie Jackson's game. We also look into his emotional state, and whether he was ignored by teammates.

It was a struggle.
It was a struggle.
Alex Goodlett

Reggie Jackson had an up and down game against the Brooklyn Nets. His final statline did have some positive aspects, but it was clear that he struggled to work with teammates and get much offensive daylight. There were even rumors that Reggie Jackson was being shunted by his teammates....

This piqued my interest, and I re-watched the entire game from Jackson's perspective. What I found wasn't pretty, and was simply too outrageous to put into some article text. So I had to bust out the video and break down what I witnessed for the world to see.

The result is below.

The Last Word:

All in all, I'm not really impressed with the way Reggie played in last night's game. He seemed to come into it with a chip on his shoulder, like he had to prove to everyone that he could carry the team on his own. It played into his decision making, and really yielded some critical errors as the game wore on. I'm not denying that Reggie didn't do positive things on that night as well. But there's absolutely no reason that Sebastian Telfair should finish the night with a higher assist to turnover ratio, shooting percentage, and defensive performance. Telfair can barely get off a shot, for crying out loud. Jackson has the superior body, and it's time that that he puts his ego to the side so that his mind can catch up.

What did you think of Reggie Jackson's game? Was any of my analysis a load of hogwash? Drop a comment and let us know!