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Russell Westbrook will return tonight vs. New York Knicks

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So will Grant Jerrett, for what it's worth.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We sort of knew this was coming already, but holy smokes is it fun to say officially: Russell Westbrook will be returning to the lineup tonight against the New York Knicks.

Scott Brooks also told media that Westbrook will not face any minutes restriction, but will be wearing a protective brace on the hand.

The Thunder will also welcome back Grant Jerrett, who is available to play tonight and will be making his debut in a Thunder uniform following his time in the D League last year.

Obviously, this is all great news for the simple fact that the Thunder, at 4-12, needs all the star power it can get, and welcoming back the explosive Westbrook should do wonders to help ignite what has been the second-worst offense in the league. According to Brooks, Westbrook's return also means that Reggie Jackson will come off the bench. Jackson may not want that Sixth Man role, but the Thunder second unit is sure to benefit from having the steady hand of Jackson leading the way.

Anyway, one more time for emphasis: RUSS IS BACK