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Sneaky Thunder FanDuel Picks for Nov 26th and Nov 28th

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Perry Jones is set to return from injury sometime, and Serge Ibaka is looking hot vs. the Knicks. Find out why within!

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Just a taste of what to expect when you walk Ibaka's path.
Just a taste of what to expect when you walk Ibaka's path.
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So if you haven't heard about FanDuel before, it's a daily fantasy league where you pick players based on how they'll perform that evening. You're given a set amount of salary to work with, and each player costs according how they're expected to perform. So LeBron is expensive, while Cole Aldrich is pretty cheap. The key to winning resides in finding quality role players that might overperform their expectations in certain matchups. Here's who those players might be this week on the Oklahoma City Thunder....

Don't play anyone against the Jazz on Wednesday*

I can't give this advice strongly enough. The last encounter between these two teams was a really ugly 98-81 affair. The Thunder haven't improved very much offensively since, and a lot of their production in that game came from role players. So obviously, you don't want someone from their roster. But there's no one on the Jazz roster you'd want, either. Alec Burks was the only real hot hand in that game, and he'll have to go toe-to-toe with Andre Roberson this time. If you absolutely must play someone, I'd go with Enes Kanter. The Thunder play a lot of ICE and will leave that type of player open, but he's been too unreliable to trust.

Serge Ibaka vs. the Knicks on Friday

This dude's been struggling recently, but struggles generally don't last very long for Serge Ibaka. Especially when he can face a cream puff defense like the New York Knicks. The Knicks are pretty much in the running for worst defense in the league right now, as highlighted by a recent article on Posting and Toasting. Furthermore, Ibaka shot over 70% in both of his encounters with New York last year. The roster hasn't changed too much, and I don't foresee Stoudemire, Anthony, or Acy stepping it up on D.

Amare Stoudemire vs. the Thunder on Friday

If you want a Knick, I'd go with Amare, who will kill the Thunder's frequent ICEing from mid-range. He was also well over his averages against the Thunder in both games last year.

*Perry Jones III, whenever he comes back

He's been out since the fifth game of the season, but managed to post big numbers in three of those games. Jones was also really impressive in the pre-season, where he generally outplayed young counterparts Jeremy Lamb and Andre Roberson. Jones will likely return to the Thunder a couple of games before Durant or Westbrook, and is virtually guaranteed to be one of the top 3 offensive options. The Thunder are struggling to find much of anything on that end right now, so Jones will be looked to often. He's a value pickup if there ever was one, so I'd grab him against anyone. Even the Jazz!

Who are some of your sneak FanDuel picks for this week's games? Let us know in the comments!