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Oklahoma City Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - The Lowest of Lows

The Thunder sit at 3-10 currently. That's not so great. Should we give up on this team?

The Thunder keep losing, will they win again?! We answer that question today on the podcast. We also talk about Durant partnering with Sonic and our favorite items on Sonic's menu. This is one of our attempts to avoid talking about the Thunder's performance thus far.

We update our stocks game today. Who is in the lead? Who is getting crushed? Someone is getting crushed that is for sure. The newest segment Trade Calls makes its debut and we attempt to trade Rajon Rondo to the Hawks, Jazz, Nuggets, and Bucks. Which trade will Danny Ainge accept? Listen in for that and what his secretary sounds like.

We also give our Say What Stats of the week, what is making us Miffed or Peeved, and read an iTunes review. We also try to stay positive and somehow end up talking about the 2011 NBA season, Power Rangers, and Dragon Ball Z... It gets weird.

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