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Sneaky Thunder FanDuel Picks for Nov 16-23

Reggie Jackson looks to be a sure thing against the Jazz, while Kendrick Perkins might have some surprises in store against the Nuggets....

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So if you haven't heard about FanDuel before, it's a daily fantasy league where you pick players based on how they'll perform that evening. You're given a set amount of salary to work with, and each player costs according how they're expected to perform. So LeBron is expensive, while Cole Aldrich is pretty cheap. The key to winning resides in finding quality role players that might overperform their expectations in certain matchups. Here's who those players might be this week on the Oklahoma City Thunder....

Serge Ibaka vs. Jazz on Tuesday, Nuggets on Wednesday, and Nets on Friday

It's a fact: Serge Ibaka does well when teams don't chase him out onto the perimeter. When facing a potential lineup of Enes Kanter, Kenneth Faried, and Mason Plumlee, it's looking like he'll be able to get his due. In fact, Serge was able to get his due earlier this season, shooting over 50% against both Kenneth Faried and Mason Plumlee. Helping Serge's case even more is the fact that the Thunder have been allowing him go out to the perimeter more than ever. Ibaka took 9 attempts against Detroit last week, and hardly seems to be near the rim anymore. Ibaka still grabs the d-boards and blocks, and the Thunder's three opponents this week aren't the greatest offensively. So grabbing Serge here is a no brainer.

Anthony Morrow vs. ???

It's hard to tell when a three point shooter is going to go off, but at some point, Anthony Morrow is going to go off. If you're ever feeling lucky, slot him in and hope that he has a great night.

Kendrick Perkins vs. Nuggets on Wednesday

Why against the Nuggets? Well, for one, they're pretty weak at backup center, using the absent-minded JaVale McGee. For two, Perk was able to rack up 17 points against the Nuggets earlier this season. Going into the thin atmosphere of Denver is always tough, but the Thunder will still likely rely on Perk for heavy minutes and a few touches.

Reggie Jackson vs. Jazz on Tuesday

I know, Reggie is going to be an expensive play on pretty much any night. But against Utah, he'll be worth it. The Jazz are playing the unreliable Trey Burke at point guard, and he's been letting opposing PGs have excellent games. Consider how he allowed the no-name Jeff Teague to contribute a 20 point, 8 assist, 3 steal night against the Jazz. Or how Burke gave up a triple double to Chris Paul. Or how Burke allowed Kyrie Irving to score 34. Or even how Burke allowed countless other bottom-tier PGs to register decent nights against Utah. For real. Play Reggie that night.

Who are some of your sneak FanDuel picks for this week's games? Let us know in the comments!