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Oklahoma City Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - The Thunder Coaster

Will they or won't they make the playoffs?! This seems to be the impossible question we try to answer after each win or loss.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the more interesting stories to start the NBA season, and not for good reasons. Today we discuss how the Thunder are looking so far this season. (HINT: It has been up and down) How has the return of Jeremy Lamb and Anthony Morrow affected the team? Is Jeremy Lamb a guy that is worth holding onto? We discuss Jeremy Lamb's value and when should we give up on him. We also talk through several Reggie Jackson trade scenarios, and we find out its pretty difficult to trade this guy.

Oh and have you seen the Thunder Christmas jerseys? I hope you haven't. We discuss those along with the Oklahoma City Thunder's overall branding.

We finish today's pod with predictions for the upcoming week.

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