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Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah defends teammate Derrick Rose

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Joakim Noah is a great teammate.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, such as after losses like Tuesday when a listless and careless Thunder team lost to the Bucks, I wish OKC fans could have a guy like Joakim Noah on their team. Of course it is unrealistic to trade for him, but perhaps if they could rent him for like 10 minutes, just to help keep everything in perspective, and be unafraid of how he is perceived because it is crystal clear how loyal he is to his coach, his teammates, and his city. Which is not to say that the Thunder players are not; indeed Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, et al are quite vocal about their belief in their team. Yet there is something a little different when a guy like Noah not only defends, but counter-attacks the public narrative.