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Kendrick Perkins misses Boston and wants to return, says Rajon Rondo should stay with Celtics

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Kendrick Perkins shared his thoughts before the game in Boston last night. What did we learn from him? He cannot pronounce Kelly Olynyk's name.

Ronald Martinez

Before last night's game in Boston, Kendrick Perkins--who was drafted by the Celtics and was a key part of their 2008 championship team--shared his thoughts on the city and organization.

"It always feels great to come back. Just all the memories, the great times, the great people. I think about it, and I miss it. This is where I started my career at 18 (years old) - 12 years ago. It's always a great feeling to come back."

Soon after, a reporter asked Perkins about Rajon Rondo--who will be a free agent next season--and if he should stay in Boston.  Perkins said,

"He should. I think this is a great place for him, and I think he wants to stay here. We talk on a regular (basis). I think he should stay. If I were him, I would stay."

Perkins was traded to the Thunder in 2011 along with Nate Robinson in return for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic.  But Boston was his first home in the NBA.  And he was there for nearly a decade.

"He's got a good group of guys around him, a good, young coach. It's his team, he's able to play the way he's capable of playing. He's almost averaging a triple-double. He's got some good talent around him: (Jared) Sullinger, Jeff, the young kid I can't pronounce with the long hair (Kelly Olynyk)."

Since Perkins had no choice in joining the Thunder, he was asked whether he would ever return to Boston once his contract expires.

"If the opportunity presents itself, I will come back. But you never know. It's not on me. You have to be wanted to come back."

Perkins' $39 million contract expires after this season and it seems like they will be investing in Steven Adams as their center for the future, being that Adams is now the starter and Perkins comes off the bench.  It will be interesting to see if Perkins returns to Boston or lands elsewhere.