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Thunder vs. Bucks: Oklahoma City lets one get away against Milwaukee, 85-78

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Another winnable game. Another sloppy performance. Another loss.


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The Oklahoma City Thunder went into Milwaukee with an 0-4 record on the road. Against the Bucks, though, with Anthony Morrow making his Thunder debut, there was reason for optimism that things would turn around.

They didn't.

The Thunder once again failed to carry over any sort of momentum from their big win against the Kings on Sunday and reverted back to their losing ways. The team shot 29-87 from the field (33.3 percent), led by a dismal performance from Jeremy Lamb who went 2-13. The Thunder also failed to establish any sort of physicality inside - which is especially disappointing given how well they did against a much more potent Kings' front line - getting outscored 50-28 in the paint.

What is your initial reaction to tonight's result?

Just more of the same mostly. Like they've done every game this year, the Thunder came out focused. They got an inspired effort from Kendrick Perkins, who continues to show up his doubters. When this happened, you thought for sure that things would be different:

via Anthony Slater

Instead, after leaping out to a 29-19 lead, the Thunder were outscored 66-49 the rest of the way.

Again, it's basically been the same feeling that comes with every loss. The team looks good, plays with the effort you would hope, and then as the game drags on, they just aren't up for the task. They really just haven't played great basketball, and while the Bucks actually boast a very impressive defense, the Thunder had more than enough opportunities to score that they just failed to take advantage of.

What does this game mean for the Thunder going forward?

Well, Reggie Jackson continues to be a bright spot. He scored a regular season career-high 29 points on 12-21 shooting and was the only player that exuded any sort of confidence in his offensive game. Still, he had a costly turnover and missed a 3-pointer that could have brought OKC within 2 with 20 seconds left. Basically, even the Thunder's lone bright spot came up short when it mattered.

That's where we are with this team. The Thunder has shown the ability to compete with anyone, but they've also shown they are legitimately challenged on offense. The return of Anthony Morrow was nice, and his 10 points off the bench were a needed spark, and maybe once he can play more consistent minutes (it was reported by Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman that Brooks was limiting his minutes to start) maybe the offense can flow a little easier.

For now, the Thunder need to keep focusing on the little things. The Bucks had their way in the paint, and kept the Thunder out of it on the other end, which meant a lot of missed jumpshots. It'll take a concerted effort to get back to the physical style that beat the Kings for the Thunder to have any hope getting some wins before Durant and Westbrook come back.

If anything, that's the best thing to come from yet another bad loss. One less game before Russ and KD return.


Chris's Awards

Thunder Wonder: Reggie Jackson: 29 points (12-21 shooting) 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals

Thunder Down Under: Kendrick Perkins: check that Vine again

Thunder Blunder: Jeremy Lamb: 2-13 shooting for just 6 points.

Thunder Plunderer: Bucks' bench: 53 points.


Next game: @ Boston Celtics Wednesday 11/12 @ 6:30 PM CDT