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Thunder injuries: once a curse, are they turning into a blessing for Oklahoma City?

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A week ago Thunder fans lamented a team missing half their roster. Now as players get healthy, will it turn into a blessing in disguise?

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The Oklahoma City Thunder currently stand at 2-5 in the West. This means that they are already 4 games behind the division leaders and are still missing their all-stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  Some might think that the injuries are a curse on the team, but I think they are a blessing as they have a positive impact on the team and will open the doors of success on the Thunder soon.

Think about it, would a couple of more losses and few wins until the end of the month or until the beginning of the next month prevent the Thunder from fulfilling their goal of a chance to win the NBA championship? Or would it even inhibit the Thunder from securing a spot in the top 4 seeds of the Western conference? No, I don't think so because by the time all the injured players are recovered, we are still going to be in the first quarter of the regular season which in December. That shows how huge the amount of time the Thunder have got to return into their expected level of play in the season.

Despite the injuries, the Thunder are managing to remain competitive and in most of their losses they are still in the game during the 4th quarters. Credit goes to the injury situation which is resulting in transforming the level of play of the current available secondary players into an advanced level. It is giving these players the opportunity to play for more minutes and gain more experience as well. It is training them how to keep the aspect of teamwork present all the time and keep all their effort, commitment, and focus in their game as they battle for the win. We've already witnessed that as the team is playing with a full spirit and competing at a very high level. In additional to that, the entire available players are developing rapidly, most notably Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb. Moreover, we simply need to look back to a year ago when Westbrook missed nearly half the season. Reggie Jackson took over his spot and emerged as one of the key role players on the roster. If it wasn't Westbrook's injury, Jackson wouldn't somehow get the opportunity to play for a long period of time and develop quickly.

Furthermore on the brighter side, this situation is preparing them to be able to cope with future setbacks and remain dependable. Based on that, just imagine what would happen when all the injured players are back as they blend with totally way better improved secondary players. Definitely, the team is going to be explosive on both ends. It is going to involve a resilient bench as well as a starting line-up indeed. Beside that, coach Scott Brooks himself is improving in terms of adjusting the line ups, players playing minutes, and choosing the best formations.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Indeed, the Thunder are getting stronger and despite their horrible condition, they are still one of the top candidates to win the 2015 NBA championship.